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Fly from your roots- Hips! with Amanda

Join Amanda In this workshop we will be looking closer at freeing the physical and energetic locks around the hips with Asana and deep breathing. The pelvic region is a complex area of intelligence that once accessed and understood helps gives one strength and stability in life. It is said to be the area of our vital life force, roots of life, creative expression & home to our stability. But when taxed with misuse and not stabilised with core strength it can be the seat of instability in all of these areas. In this workshop we will explore how our place of stability should work in our day to day life as well as in Asana. Join in this workshop to stabilise your being from within and fly from your roots!
$50 (+hst)
$75 (+hst) for both Fly from your Roots and Handstand & Inversion workshop (July 15th)
*Members Discount 10% off


Saturday, June 24 to Saturday, June 24
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
$50 - $75
Highway 7