Andrea Duncan

Manager, Yoga Advisor, Kids Yoga Teacher

Got questions? Our yoga advisor, Andrea, is here to help!
Have you been wondering which package or membership would best suit your lifestyle?
Interested in knowing more about classes, events and workshops happening at the studio?
Or would you just like to share some feedback about our studio, teachers and staff?

If so, then our yoga advisor Andrea is at your service!
Email her anytime at the address below as she is looking forward to connecting with YOU soon!

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A little bit about her:   Andrea’s first yoga class was guided by Denise (owner) many moons ago. She was suffering from a lower back injury and after completing that class she was relieved from months of severe pain. It took her sometime after that first class and a continued practice to decide on pursuing her teacher training. But when she did complete her Ashtanga & Vinyasa Sequencing Training at Downard Dog in Toronto, she gained a complete new awareness of her body. It was then that she realized her passion to celebrate yoga as a career but most importantly as a lifestyle.


Needless to say, Andrea became a believer in the benefits of yoga. Not only has yoga attended to Andrea’s injury, but it has played a key role at embracing life’s challenges. As a single mother, Andrea attributes her positive experience with pregnancy and labour to her yoga practice. And of course, yoga has helped her maintain a (somewhat) steady and composed mind as she raises her beautiful daughter, Savannah. One of Andrea’s motto’s, especially when she is faced with a challenge is: “TAKE IT TO YOUR MAT.”