Julie Brar

Julie discovered yoga over sixteen years ago while in theatre school in L.A. After her first yoga class she knew she had found a life long practice.

Wanting to share the healing power of yoga Julie decided to teach. After four years of intense practice she did her teaching certification in 2004. Julie was in the first group of teachers certified to teach Moksha in Canada. She holds certifications in Moksha Yoga, Baptiste Power Yoga, and Bikram Yoga. With a desire to study in the birthplace of yoga Julie travelled to India to study with Yogrishi Vishvketu and learn his Akhanda Yoga technique in 2008. In India Julie deepened her understanding of Pranayama techniques, Meditation, Chanting as well as deepening her Hatha yoga practice. A firm believer in Meditation Julie has been going on yearly Vipassana retreats (10 days of Silence) since 2007 to strengthen her own practice.

Julie has taught extensively in Toronto, the GTA and Vancouver since 2004. She teaches Moksha, Moksha Flow, Vinyasa (Power), Flow, Yin and Meditation. Her classes are challenging yet fun. Julie also continues to work as an actress and filmmaker in film, theatre, and television.