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Yang to Yin Part 2

February 17th | Highway 7 Studio | 2-4pm | $45*

Yang to Yin & Somatic Meditation:
Digesting our Life Experiences, Letting go and Evolving
Join Sheila for an integrated exploration on what it really means to “let go”. We are constantly reminded to “let go” and never really offered practical techniques for what that means. Moreover, the act of release requires that we are receptive to the tumultuous process of evolution – we have to be willing to grow and change. This workshop will begin with 50 minutes of breath-based vinyasa that includes non-linear and spiral movements. Students will move into 50 minutes of yin yoga with guidance on exploring the things that we have difficulty releasing, the ways in which we block our own progress, and how to actually move forward. This class will close with a 20-minute Somatic Meditation practice. Somatic Meditation is accessed through the feelings, sensations, somatic intuition, and felt sense of the body itself. We are simply trying to tune into the basic awareness of the body.
All registered students will receive a free personal gift from Sheila*3 complimentary spots available for Auto-Renew Members

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Saturday, February 17 to Saturday, February 17
2:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Highway 7
Organizer: Sheila